Welcome to the website of the Medium Term Economic Strategy (MTES). As the strategy evolves it is intended that this website will be updated and developed further.

On 15th December Ireland exited the EU IMF programme. Thanks to the sacrifices of the Irish people and their resilience during a period of substantial adjustment, significant progress has been made in restoring financial stability, fiscal sustainability and economic growth. While Ireland is now in a much stronger position than three years ago, faster economic growth is needed to reduce unemployment and reduce the debt overhang.

This Medium Term Economic Strategy sets out the core components of the Government’s strategy to continue the work of rebuilding the Irish economy, achieving sustainable economic growth, strong public finances, and enduring job creation. It explains how the Government will ensure that the failed policies of the past are consigned to history and the economy will be managed and developed on a sustainable basis, for the benefit of all.

The Government’s goals of ensuring a job-rich recovery and setting Ireland on the path to sustainable prosperity, will provide opportunity for our people, provide high quality public services, and encourage innovation in business and across society.  This will enable the building of a fairer Ireland by helping to reduce inequality and improve poverty outcomes across society, with a particular emphasis on child poverty in line with the commitment in the Programme for Government.

The Medium Term Economic Strategy sets out the Government’s intentions to drive ahead with its reform programme under these three pillars:

  • Ensuring Debt Sustainability
  • Financing Growth
  • Supporting Employment and Living Standards